Waistcoats for bears and some very old trains

Brilliant turn out for my family fun day at the Stephenson Railway museum. Bears of all shapes and sizes (including some who I don't think were bears at all) left with haute couture waistcoats. Smartly dressed bears rode steam engines and explored the exhibits fun was had by all especially me.

Historic monument flags

First time for me illustrating ancient monuments, Segadunum Roman fort needed a Mayan temple, Egyptian pyramids and Stone Henge so here they are.

Wigs, hats & headresses

Done in two parts first the banner then the headresses. Made for Segadunum roman fort learning dept. The kids stand behind the banner wearing their assorted headgear. Here I have paired the heads with the original designs, and what splendid heads thank you Danny, Luke and Emily for modelling so superbly.

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